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Boarding Services

The Welcome Lake Movie Ranch offers a variety of benefits for your dog. First and foremost, it provides a much-needed dose of dog to dog socialization. Providing interaction and stimulation helps a improve social skills and overall behavior. Doggy Daycare has been known to help deter destructive behaviors such as digging, chewing, and excessive barking. These behaviors often are due to boredom and a lack of exercise. Dogs burn plenty of energy during their time here at the Welcome Lake Movie Ranch, making them socially satisfied and ready for your time together when you pick them up. Our clean and spacious accommodations will bring your dog comfort and happiness.






Full Day - $25

1/2 Day - $16

Family Discount - 10% off for the 2nd Dog

                              15% off for the 3rd Dog


Multi Day Packages

5 Day - $115

10 Day - $220

20 Day - $400

30 Day - $850


We require all dogs complete a complimentary "trial run" visit to make sure they get along well with other dogs and that their temperment is conducive to an all-day, social enviorment. This is for the safety of all dogs and staff here at the Top Dog K9 Camp, making them socially satisfied and ready for your time together when you pick them up. 


  • We require all enrollment forms and vaccination records emailed or faxed to us at least 24 hours in advance.

  • All dogs must be spayed or neutered by 8 months.

  • All dogs must be current on rabies, distemper, and bordetella vaccines.

  • All dogs must be current on flea, tick, and heatworm prevention.

Medications: All of our staff are trained to administer medications.


Medication Administration - $1 per day


Behavior: No exhbited aggressive behavior toward other dogs, humans, or aggressive toy protection.



To maintain the highest quality care, we limit the number of overnight dog boarding guests each evening. We recommend booking at least one week in advance during non-holidays, and about one month before holiday season starts. 


Check-In: We ask that overnight guests be dropped off by 4:00 pm to ensure that each dog has had sufficient time to acclimate and play. Dogs may be dropped off as early as needed on the day of the start of their stay at no additional charge.


Check-Out: Check out time is 1:00 pm. Any guests needing to be picked up after this time can stay the remainder of the day for an additional $15. 


Deposit: We require a valid credit card to book each overnight dog boarding reservation. A deposit of 50% of the estimated total stay will be charged at the time of booking. This deposit is fully refundable if proper cancellation notice is given.


Cancellation Policy: Kindly give at least 48 hours notice for boarding stay cancellation. Failing to cancel within the proper time frame for an overnight boarding stay will result in a forfeit of the deposit. 


Boarding Sheet: Have an upcoming stay? To save you time at drop off, print and fill in your instructions for their overnight stay prior to their arrival. 



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